Aubree & Michael | Sterling Kansas Wedding

No better words could describe Michael & Aubree’s day than gracefully classic. The mood of this summer afternoon was as calm as beach waves lapping against the shore.. and yet still so lively! There was so much joy and cheerfulness.. and yet still so peaceful. Even though these two share love so hushed, you’re able to hear and feel it as if it was shouted from the rooftops! This translated so effortlessly into their love story we are so excited to share with you.

Shelby & Alex | Wichita Country Club Wedding

There are 326 reasons why we fell head-over-heels for our first Sunday morning wedding (and the word “brunch” most certainly had us SOLD.) Morning weddings have no similar feel to a ceremony starting after noon. You are served waffles and buttermilk biscuits as opposed to parmesan crusted chicken and asparagus. It’s so early in the day that you can truly focus on “the beauty of marriage and family” as Shelby pieced together for us. The start of each day, especially on a day of the week such as Sunday, feels so light, airy and as our bride mentioned, “full of love!” This is exactly what Shelby had wished for.. and if you were to ask us, the Carney’s wedding day was that and much more. 

Brittany & Jason | Ash & Ashley Weddings

So say you stumbled upon our blog looking for ideas for YOUR day. You dream that the guests will  be “ooh-ing” and “awhing” over your color palette? look no further! Boy, did Brittany know what she was doing when she pulled together one of the most elegantly stunning weddings of our time! She had all the help she could ever need from Krista of Addison Grace events as they worked together to combine tasteful peaks of metallics and a beautiful blend of watercolor to her reception.. as well as glitter - because in Brittany’s eyes “glitter is a color.” If you’re wanting inspiration for your upcoming Navy and Blush wedding.. you my darling friend, are in the right place! 

Hillary & Anthony | Paola Kansas Wedding

Although hundreds and hundreds of miles apart, you wouldn’t know from just meeting this pair that they had spent so much time not side by side. Anthony was finishing up vet school in California while Hillary stayed just north of us in KC. Their Separate worlds formed them into being the most sentimental couples of our career. They knew right away they were either shooting their engagements in Kansas City where they shared many memories.. or flying us out to California to recreate moments they wanted to last forever. Through this process we were the least hesitant we’ve ever been – trusting them that we would be going somewhere nothing short of splendid! Thanks to Hillary & Anthony we flew the furthest away from home to this day & will cherish their engagement session for years to come!

Faith V. | An Andover Central 2016 Senior + Kay & Bee Studios | Wichita Senior Photographer

Oh Faith! We love Faith! She's the kind of girl that when she walks in a room, her sweetness radiates, and we all smile. You can't help it! Her session was no exception. She brought her beautiful friend Reilly along for her Summer Session, which we thoroughly enjoyed! Reilly knew what Faith would just love and really helped to keep us all laughing. These sessions are my favorite where it feels more like hanging out than anything else!

For Faith's Fall Session, we were able to enjoy not only her, but one of her Best Friends, Annie! They had the most adorable fall wardrobe, and it's amazing to see not only how much the girl's have changed throughout their Senior year, but how much we've changed over the course of the many months we've worked alongside them.

Faith has grown as a person, and has became so confident in front of the camera. One of my favorite things about Faith is that we can always count on capturing who she is. We love who she is and we sincerely hope she never changes.

A Sunflower Rustic Wedding at the Round Barn | Ryan & Jackie | Wichita Wedding Photographer

Normally, I give you guys the story from her point of view or our point of view. Today, we give you Jackie & Ryan's love story from Ryan's eyes and a peek at their gorgeous September Wedding! Enjoy <3

The first time I met Jackie I liked her instantly. And loved her very shortly after! We met through some mutual friends in high school, she ended up getting my number and we started texting like crazy. After just a few days of texting I really wanted to hang out with her. I thought she was very pretty and was really fun to talk to. I picked her up from work one day and took her home. We sat at the end of her drive way and talked and talked and talked. I believe we even talked on the phone some more that night! After Hanging out a couple more times I worked up the courage to kiss her! I was very nervous but she did kiss me back and that moment was when I knew that I was going to be with her for the rest of my life! To this day I still get the good ole butterflys when she gives me a kiss!!! There was just something about her. At the age of 16 I couldn't explain how I felt and I still can't put it into words. I guess the best way to explain it is love! If you have truly been in love you will know what I mean! Jackie is truly my other half!! My main goal in life is to retire as early as possible so that we can just relax and grow old together! I Love Jackie with all of my heart! She means the world to me and I would do anything for her! She has always been there to tell me the truth, tell me straight, and comfort me through any situation! We have been through some very rough times together and made it through only making us closer! If I am feeling down she is always there to cheer me up! I trust her with my life and we make an amazing team!

So I have a story about Alyssa's summer session! When we were getting her all prepped and beautiful, she brought me allllll of the pieces she was considering wearing.. but this poor fur vest had no outfit. 

Together we brainstormed for what seemed like forever and thought, HOW are we going to pull this off? Then we just said, you know what... let's do something different! Let's create an outlandish outfit that you might not ever wear and see what happens. We both wanted so badly to utilize this killer fur vest. SO we put together something super fun! Her last 5 minutes of daylight, we hopped out of our cars and threw in a super quick and messy side-braid and the end result is to-die-for! Quite possibly my favorite images from the entire year! 

Alyssa, we love you. We love your honesty, your kind soul, your persistence, and your belief in us. We have been so grateful to be a part of your Senior Year journey and we can't wait to watch how life unfolds next year for you at K-State! Go get 'em girlfriend!